May 15

 The TULOOMATH Table of Contents: Guide To Infinite Possibilities

    Every place on the internet-including TULOOMATH-needs a

guide to the good stuff.

Because life's too short to be wandering aimlessly. 

Mine is no different-and they're interlinked to the pages to boot.

Follow the blue italicized signposts to where you wish to explore in our geekverse

I Mission Statement: Why Study Mathematics and Why TULOOMATH?

Mathematics has always been the queen of sciences.

Now, it may be more important then ever for the common man to know.

That's why I built TULOOMATH.

Why? Read why.

II Meet The Mathemagican 

Part-time lunatic.

Aspiring mathematician.



True American progressive-in-a-corporate-fascist-age. 


Meet the enigma who created this site. Take a look under the hood.


III The Mathemagican's Library Academic Level Rating System

Read how they're graded by academic level.

I'm really proud of this rating system and I hope it makes the site very easy to use!



IV The Mathemagician's Comprehensive Online Mathematics Library

 The beating heart of this website.

The largest, most complete and up to date collection of free online mathematics lecture notes and textbooks that currently exists.


V The TULOOMATH Reading List: The Mathemagician’s
Top  Low- Cost Mathematics Textbooks

My reviews of outstanding recommended low-cost textbooks.

Written for motivated self-study students who can barely afford bus fare.

They range in difficulty level from high school to advanced graduate.  

VI Summon The Mathemagican

 :The TULOOMATH Tutoring/Consulting Service For Students 

My online tutoring service for math students at all levels.

Wherever you are, whatever time of day, whatever the subject, I can appear LIVE on your computer to help you understand and succeed!   

Update 4-15-2018: My tutoring service has been suspended until further notice.

I've been so busy with building the publishing company, my personal stuff and revising this website, I just don't have time to do it without doing a half-ass job.

When I'm ready to help people to my full ability, it'll be back. 


VII Tables,Chairs And Beermugs-The Mathemagican's  Blog On Life,The Universe and Everything

My blog on anything that's on my mind besides my hat.

I'm sorry to say I haven't been as active on it as I was hoping when I relaunched it in late 2015.

But I've sworn a blood oath to be much more active at it beginning in Summer 2018.

I may have to re-title it at some point,depending on how it goes. We'll see. 


VIII A Dedication-Nick Metas



IX The Road Goes Ever On: Further Resource Links For TULOOMATH, Blogs And Just Plain Cool Stuff I Like


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