Jun 15
  1.  Graduate Abstract Algebra

  2. Algebra is the offer made by the devil to the mathematician...All you
    need to do, is give me your soul: give up geometry
  3. --Michael Atiyah
  4. Structures are the weapons of the mathematician. - Bourbaki
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  28. Graduate Algebra Course Paul Selick University of Toronto (R) A graduate algebra course covering the
  29. classic mantra: groups, rings and fields with a heavy side helping of group representation theory via semisimple rings on the side. Typical Selick: All business, very concise, few examples, no pictures- but
  30. enormous clarity and thoroughness. Recommended, as are all Selick's notes.
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  40. Graduate  Algebra II Lecture Notes Kiyoshi Igusa Brandies University May 2007 (R) These are the complete lecture notes of the 2009 first year graduate algebra sequence taught by Igusa at Brandeis. As seems to be The Unwritten Law these days among many algebraicists, this course begins with a complete semester long treatment of group theory. I completely agree that it makes pedagogical sense to begin a comprehensive modern algebra course with group theory-since all other structures can and should be erected on top of the group structure for the sake of ordering the course linearly from the simplest to the most complex algebraic structures. However,I'm not sure if going into such depth with group theory to the exclusion of all else is doing students a favor in thier perception of algebra. A little more balance-as can be seen in the wonderful book by Pierre Grillet -will allow much broader coverage in a first year algebra course,which would be A Good Thing. More detail in specific structures can be supplied in more specialized follow up courses.Be that as it may, Igusa gives a thorough graduate course in group theory as the first half of his sequence and as expected, he does a terrific job. You also have to admire the fact he actually defines algebra with his very first sentence, something most mathematicians don't have the nerve to do:  Algebra is the study of sets with binary operations. I don't think anyone can do better then that as a definition of this foundational subject, do you? The course is classical in the sense that category theory is avoided, but all the main results are presented with many examples, some of which are unexpected, such as Cayley digraphs and isomorphisms on the complex numbers. These are the things that made me fall in love with algebra as an undergraduate and these notes will make any student studying algebra fall in love with it as well.
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