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  1. Functional Analysis and Operator Theory

  2. ....most texts make a big distinction between 'real analysis' and 'functional analysis', but we regard this distinction as somewhat artificial. Analysis without functions doesn't go very far.-from the preface of Analysis 2nd edition by Elliott H. Lieb and Michel Loss

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    Siedel Penn State University Fall 2011
    (PG-13)  These are notes for an unusual and intensive second course/seminar in point set topology focusing on the role general topology plays in the structure of function spaces, primarily Banach spaces. Ir's purpose is illuminating the central role that metric spaces and their topologies play in both classical and modern analysis as preparation for graduate courses in integration and functional analysis.  The following excerpt from the introduction really describes the intent and purpose of the course better then I could:
  151. There are many problems in analysis which involve constructing a function withdesirable properties or understanding the properties of a function without completely precise information about its structure that cannot be easily tackled usingdirect “hands on” methods. A fruitful strategy for dealing with
  152. such problems is to recast it as a problem concerning the geometry of a well-chosen space of functions,thereby making available the many techniques of geometry. For example,one can construct solutions for a large class of ordinary differential equations byapplying the “contraction mapping principle” from the theory of metric spaces toan appropriate space of continuous functions.......The goal of this course is to investigate some of the basic ideas and techniques which drive this interplay. It's not really a functional analysis course, although it certainly has considerable overlap with such a course. It can best be described as a transitional course showing how functional analysis is a natural outgrowth of using topological methods to indirectly attack problems in analysis via function spaces. I've always thought such a course would be very helpful for students to take before taking their first year graduate course, as this material is usually left for graduate courses in functional analysis and operator theory, and occasionally, advanced courses in differential manifolds modeled on Banach spaces.