Jun 15
  1. Category Theory, Homological And Universal Algebra

Mathematical objects are determined by - and understood by - the
network of relationships they enjoy with all the other objects of
their species. - Barry Mazur

  1. Applied  Categories and Functors for Undergraduates Vladimir G. Ivancevic Tijana T. Ivancevic 2009
  2. Homological Algebra Notes Sean Sather-Wagstaff North Dakota State University 2008
  3. Abstract and Concrete Categories The Joy of Cats Jiri Amadek Horst Herrlich George E. Strecker
  4. A Course In Universal Algebra ** The Millennium Edition ** by Stanley N. Burris and H.P. Sankappanavar
  5. Basic Category Theory Jaap van Oosten Utrecht University The Netherlands Revised, July 2002
  6. Higher Operads, Higher Categories Tom Leinster William Hodge Fellow Institut des Hautes  Etudes Scientifiques
  7. Category Theory Robert L. Knighten November 9, 2007
  8. Higher-Dimensional Categories: an illustrated guide book Eugenia Cheng and Aaron Lauda University of Cambridge
  9. Category Lecture Notes for ESSLLI Michael Barr  McGill University Charles Wells  Case Western Reserve University 1999
  10. Homological Algebra Yakov Kremnitzer Oxford University 2014

  11. Derived Categories Dragan Milicic University of Utah
  12. Algebraic Theory of D-Modules Dragan Milicic University of Utah
  13. HOMOLOGICAL ALGEBRA lecture notes Ivan Mirkovic University of Massachusetts Amherst 2013
  14. Category Theory  E. L. Cheng University of Sheffield  Michaelmas 2002
  15. Category Theory:An Introduction in four easy movements A.Schalk and H. Simmons University of Manchester
  16. General Algebra and Universal Constructions:An Invitation George M. Bergman University of Berkeley
  17. Homological Algebra lecture notes J.F. Jardine University of Western Ontario 2009
  18. Categories and Categorical Logic Part 1 Samson Abramsky and Nikos Tzevelekos Oxford University 2011
  19. Homological algebra Piotr Achinger University of California at Berkeley Spring 2012
  21. Algebraic K Theory lecture notes J.F. Jardine University of Western Ontario 2011
  22. Algebraic K -Theory Semester project Chaire of the Prof. Kathryn Hess Directed by Sverre Lune-Nielsen winter semester 2005-2006
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  28. FIBRATIONS AND SHEAVES Garth Warner University of Washington
  29. Homotopy theories and model categories W. G. Dwyer and J. Spalinski University of Notre Dame
  30. Homological Algebra Peter Selick University of Toronto Notes
  31. Categories and Homological Algebra written by Laura Lynch from the lectures of Tom Marley University of Nebraska-Lincoln 1-1-2010
  32. Homological Algebra Peter Selick University of Toronto
  33. HOMOLOGICAL METHODS JENIA TEVELEV University of Massachusetts at Amherst 2012
  34. Higher Operads, Higher Categories Tom Leinster William Hodge Fellow Institut des Hautes ´ Etudes Scientifiques c 2003 Tom Leinster
  35. HOMOLOGICAL ALGEBRA Romyar Sharifi University Of Arizona
  36. Presheaves of spectra lecture notes J.F. Jardine University of Western Ontario 2005
  37. Simplicial presheaves lecture notes J.F. Jardine University of Western Ontario  2007
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  39. Algebraic K-Theory Hesselholt's MIT notes Mike Buss University of Virginia
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  42. Topos Theory and the Connections between Category and Set Theory - Category Vs SetTheory Matthew Graham Brandies University 2008
  43. Higher Category Theory with Operads Bruno VALLETTE University of Nice Sophia{Antipolis (Newton Institute, Cambridge) British Mathematical Colloquium March 27, 2013
  44. Universal Algebra part I Fall 2001 Don Pigozzi Professor Emeritus Iowa State University
  45. Universal  Algebra part II Spring 2002  Don Pigozzi Professor Emeritus Iowa State University
  46. Homological algebra Paul Garrett University Of Minnesota 2010
  47. Algebraic K-Theory Notes taken by Howard Hiller 1973 Lecture notes of Daniel Quillen
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  49. Category Theory Science University of Edinburgh September 1996 December 2001
  50. K -theory: An Introduction Eric  M . Friedlander Northwestern University 2009 
  51. MODULI SPACES AND INVARIANT THEORY JENIA TEVELEV University of Massachucetts University of Massachucetts