May 15
  1. Seminars on Research Level Topics

  2. The outcome of any serious research can only be to make two questions grow where only one grew before. -Thorstein Veblen

  3. Group Actions on Surfaces III: The Mapping Class Group John Franks Department of Mathematics Northwestern University June 2011 (X)

  4. Formal and Rigid Geometry Siegfried Bosch Mathematisches Institut der Universit  at Munster Einsteinstraße 62, D-48149 M ? unster State: April 2008(NC-17/X)

  5. Differential Equations Seminar: Schramm–Loewner evolutions J.R. Norris University of Cambridge February 17, 2010
  6. Topics in Geometry: Dirac Geometry Marco Gualtieri MIT Fall 2006 Homepage  (R) This is an introductory (i.e. first year graduate students are welcome and expected) course in generalized geometry, with a special emphasis on Dirac geometry, as developed by Courant, Weinstein, and Severa, as well as generalized complex geometry, as introduced by Hitchin. Dirac geometry is based on the idea of unifying the geometry of a Poisson structure with that of a closed 2-form, whereas generalized complex geometry unifies complex and symplectic geometry. For this reason, the latter is intimately related to the ideas of mirror symmetry.
  7. Seminar:Aerosol Modeling Class Notes (Spring 2001) Jiwen He University of Houston (R/NC-17)
  8. Gauge theory student seminar (X)
  9. David Ben-Zvi Umiversity of Texas Seminar Notes (X)
  10. Geometry Seminar :Lecture notes on embedded contact homology Michael Hutchings University of California Berkeley (X)
  11. Seminar:Minicourse on q -Series George Gasper Northwestern University 1995 (NC-17/X)
  12. Putnam Exam Preparation Seminar (Math 291A), Fall 2011 Jenia Tevelev University of
    Massachucetts Amherst (PG/PG-13)
  13. The Theory of Large Deviations and Applications to Statistical Mechanics Lectures for the International Seminar on Extreme Events in Complex Dynamics October 23–27, 2006 Max-Planck-Institut fur Physik
    komplexer Systeme Dresden, Germany Richard S. Ellis Department of Mathematics and Statistics University of Massachusetts Amherst 2006
  14. Analysis Seminar: Measure Concentration Alexander Barvinok University of Michigan Math 710 (X)
  15. Seminar:Explorations in Mathematics Jeff Lagarias University of Michigan Math 389 Winter 2013 (PG-13) An honors undergraduate course designed to expose young students to mathematical research. This kind of course is generally only offered at top-tier universities- it really should be far more common at US universities then it actually is.
  16. Vanishing theorems and singularities in birational geometry Tommaso de Fernex Lawrence Ein Mircea Mustata University of Michigan Seminar (X)
  17. Seminar:Graduate Teaching Summer 2012 Instructors: Alex Barnett and Rosa Orellana Darthmouth University (R/NC-17)
  18. CUNY Graduate Center Topology Seminar (X)
  19. CUNY Geometry and Edinburgh Lectures on Geometry, Analysis and Physics Sir Michael Atiyah Notes by Thomas Koppe (X)
  20. Topics in Geometric Fully Nonlinear Equations Pengfei Guan McGill University (X) 
  21. Markov Processes and Metastability Anton Bovier Lecture notes TUB, Summer 2003 Version May 8, 2009 (X)
  22. University of Chicago REU 2015 Peter May And Laszlo Babai (PG-13) Undergraduate research program at the University of Chicago, complete with links to past versions and course materials. Well worth checking out.
  23. Somnath Basu Binghamton University Lecture Notes from Seminars and Courses (ranges in difficulty from PG to X; some very nice notes on topology in particular here)
  24. Quantum Field Theory lectures Ivan Mirkovic University of Massachusetts Amherst (R) Notes on quantum field theory for first year graduate students in mathematics. Very nice and concise.
  25. SUPERMATH LECTURE NOTES Seminar Ivan Mirkovic University of Massachusetts Amherst (R)
  26. Non-Archimedean Geometry Lectures from a course by Matt Baker at U.C. Berkeley Scribes Sarah Brodsky Melody Chan Michael Daub Andrew Dudzik Will Johnson Shelly Manber Maria Monks Ralph Morrison Andrew Niles Doosung Park Qingchun Ren (NC-17/X)
  27. Index Theory with Applications to Mathematics and Physics David Bleecker
    Bernhelm Boo{Bavnbek Draft version of September 2, 2012 (R)
  28. Level  Sets Course (Graduate Analysis) Peter Smereka University of Michigan  (R)
  29. Topics in Complexity Theory and Pseudorandomness Swastik Kopparty Rutgers University Spring 2013 (X)
  30. Analytic Number Theory: IRREGULARITIES  OF POINT DISTRIBUTION W W L CHEN Imperial College (R)
  31.  Topics in Geometry: Mirror Symmetry Denis Auroux  MIT lecture notes (NC-17)
  32. Algebra III  Cluster Algebras Mikhail Movshev Fall 2011 SUNY at Stony Brook  (R/NC-17)
  33. MIRROR SYMMETRY  Kentaro Hori Sheldon Katz Albrecht Klemm Rahul Pandharipande Richard
    Thomas Cumrun Vafa Ravi Vakil Eric Zaslow Clay Mathematics Monographs Volume 1 American Mathematical Society
  35. Random Graphs and Complex Networks Remco van der Hofstad Eindhoven University of Technology 2013 (R)
  36. Course Notes: Probability on Trees and Networks Yuv al Peres University of
    California at Berkeley
     Fall 2004 (R)
  37. Bernays Project: Text No. 28 On a Symposium on the Foundations of Mathematics
    (1971) Paul Bernays (Zum Symposium uber die Grundlagen der Mathematik) Translation by: Steve Awodey Comments: Revised by S.A., with comments from D.S. and C.P.
  38. Ovidiu Costin Ohio State University Asymptotics and Borel summability lecture notes 
  39. Proseminar in Mathematics Math 504-505, Fall 2005 Jerry L. Kazdan University of Pennsylvania (PG-13/R) A wonderful collection of exercises and problems in calculus, analysis and algebra designed to prepare students for the GREs. An absolute must to bookmark for all students planning to go to graduate school.
  40. Holomorphic Dynamics:  Very Brief Notes Saeed Zakeri CUNY Graduate Center Last modified:
  41. A  ∞ -ALGEBRAS: AN INTRODUCTION Nathan Menzies  The University of New South Wales.  November 2007 (R)
  42. Categorical homotopy theory Emily Riehl Harvard University (X)
  43. Quantum Graphs Course Oxford University 2012 (X)
  44. Vitali's Theorem and WWKL Douglas K. Brown Mariagnese Giusto Stephen G. Simpson
    Pennsylvania State University October 25, 1998
  45. Entropy and Information Theory Robert M. Gray  Stanford University (R/NC-17)
  46. Topics in Lie Theory: Tensor Categories Pavel Etingoff MIT Spring 2009 (X)
  47. Topics in Geometry:  Dirac Geometry Marco Gualtieri MIT Fall 2006  (X)
  48.  Buildings (geometry) Paul Garrett University of Minnesota 2011 (X)
  49. Dynamics and moduli spaces C. McMullen Harvard University Fall 2012 January 27, 2013 (R)
  50. Algebra Seminar: Amalgams, N -Groups and Groups of Characteristic p -Type Ulrich
    Meierfrankenfeld Michigan State University MTH991 Fall 97 May 1, 2013
  51. Large Deviations S.R.Srinivasa Varadhan NYU (X)
  52. FOUNDATIONS OF TIGHT  CLOSURE THEORY by Melvin Hochster University of Michigan 2007 (X)
  53. Bruce K. Driver USCD Math 247A (Topics in Analysis, W 2009) Rough Path Theory March 11, 2009 (X)
  54. CATEGORlCAL HOMOTOPY THEORY Garth Warner Depart:nent of Mathematics University of
  56. Large Deviation and PDEs - Lecture One, Basic Theory Jin Feng [email protected] Department
    of Mathematics, University of Kansas,
  57. K-theory, Chow groups and Riemann-Roch N. Mohan Kumar  October 26, 2004 (X)
  58. Seminar: Intro to q-series Bruce Berndt University of Wisconsin Urbana-Champlaign Math
    595.Spring 2013 Course Materials (R/NC-17)
  59. Seminar Prime Number Theorum lecture notes Piotr Hajlasz University of Pittsburgh (R)
  60. Homotopical Topos Theory Garth Warner University of Washirgton (X)
  61. David P. Blecher Oaklahoma University Operator Spaces Lectures at Seoul National University July 2006  (X)
  62. Extremal metrics in Complex Differential Geometry Preliminary version Gabor Szekelyhidi University of Notre Dame  (NC-17)
  63. Seminar:Introduction to Mathematical Research Kiyoshi Igusa Brandeis University Fall 2008 (PG-13) These are the course materials for an undergraduate seminar on cluster categories which Igusa gave to students in 2008. The subject is fairly interesting and he gives a lot of nice concrete examples centered on groups and group actions.
  64. Seifert Fibered Spaces Notes for a course given in the Spring of 1993 Matthew G. Brin Binghamton University 1993 (X)
  65. Finite frames and quantum detection John J. Benedetto and Andrew Kebo Department of
    Mathematics University of Maryland
  66. Translation Invariant Exclusion Processes (Book in Progress)Timo Seppal inen  University of Wisconsin Dec 11 2008(X)
  67. Seminar:Lectures on the theorem of Browder and Novikov and Siebenmann's thesis by M. Kervaire (X)
  68. Time-change equations for diffusion processes Thomas Kurtz University of Wisconsin Madison
  69. Nigel Boston University of Wisconsin - Madison THE PROOF OF FERMAT’S LAST THEOREM
    Spring 2003
  70. Conformal Fractals: Ergodic Theory Methods feliks przytycki Polish Academy of Sciences
    mariusz urbanski University of North Texas

  71. Analysis Seminar:Distributions Sigurd Angenent University of Wisconsin Madison Math 725 Lecture notes Spring 2000
  72. Topics in Dynamical Systems: Introduction to Quantum Chaos MAT 656 Spring 2011 (X)
  73. Principles of Computerized Tomographic Imaging by A.C. Kak and Malcom Stanley (X)
  75. NOTES ON QUASI-FREE ALGEBRAS RICHARD VALE Cornell University 2009 (NC-17)
  76. Winding Around: A Course on the Winding Number in Geometry,Analysis and Topology John Roe Penn State Fall 2013 (R)
  77. Notes on Coarse Geometry John Roe Penn State University 2002 (R)
  78. Topological Quantum Computation Zhenghan Wang  University of California, Santa Barbara (X)
  79. THE THEORY OF NORMAL SURFACES based on Lecture Notes by Cameron McA. Gordon typeset by
    Richard P. Kent University of Wisconsin-Madison
  80. Moduli Spaces of Manifolds Soren Galatius Stanford University Fall 2013 (X)
  81. Contact geometry in 3 dimensions Steven Sivek Princeton University 2013 (X)
  82. Bing Topology and Casson Handles 2013 Santa Barbara/Bonn Lectures Michael
    H. Freedman & Team Freedman UC Berkeley June 18, 2013
  83. Hidden Markov Models Lecture Notes Ramon van Handel Princeton University July 28, 2008 (X)
  84. Robert P. Langlands The Practice of Mathematics Duke University (PG-13)
  85. Advanced topics in Algebra Mathematical Institute of the University of Bonn Fall 2013 (X)
  86. Elements of Geometric Stability Theory Boris Zielber University of Oxford 2003 (X)
  87. Lectures on Schramm–Loewner Evolution N. Berestycki & J.R. Norris University of Cambridge May 12, 2011 (X)
  88. Lectures on Mixing Times A Crossroad between Probability, Analysis and Geometry Nathanel Berestycki Cambridge University November 18, 2011 (X)
  89. CONCENTRATION OF MEASURE Nathanael Berestycki and Richard Nickl University of
    Cambridge December 1, 2009
  91. 1983 CONCENTRATION OF MEASURE SEMINAR organized by Marek Biskup and Oren Louidor UCLA
  93. Floer theory I Will Merry University of Cambridge ETH Zurich Fall 2013 (X)
  94. Minimal Submanifolds in Differential Geometry Richard Schoen Stanford University Plenary Lecture TSIMF Sanya January 5, 2013 (X)
  95. Lectures on Hypergeometric Functions Gert Heckman Radboud University Nijmegen G.Heckman April 17,  (X)