Jun 15
  1. Representations Of Groups and Algebras

The universe is an enormous direct product of representations of symmetry groups.

—Hermann Weyl

  1. Representations of linear groups: A dynamical point of view Antonin Guilloux January 2008
  2. Lie Groups, Lie Algebras and Representations: An Elementary Introduction Brian C. Hall University of Notre Dame Early Draft Version 2000 
  3. Algebraic K-Theory Olivier Isely  Kathryn Hess Directed by Sverre Lune-Nielsen winter  2005-2006

  5. Hopf algebras, their representations, applications, and categorifications Miikhail Khovanov Columbia University 
  6. Representations of Linear Groups An Introduction Based on Examples from Physics and Number Theory Rolf Berndt University of Hamberg
  7. Representation theory of Fi nite groups Alex Bartel POSTECH 5th April 2012
  8. Representation Theory Alessandra Pantano Univerisity of California Irvine Math 739
  9. Representation Theory S. Martin University of Cambridge Lent Term 2009,2010, 2011
  10. An Introduction to the Representation Theory of Finite Groups by G. Hiss, R. Kessar and B. Külshammer Book Draft 2012
  11. Representations of reductive Lie groups Lectures delivered by Joe Harris Notes by Akhil Mathew Harvard University Spring 2013  
  12. Introduction to representation theory of infinite groups Alex Bartel University of Warwick 5th April 2012
  13. Representation Theory Arun Ram University of Melbourne Homepage and Course Materials 
  14. Representation Theory Richard Barraclugh University of Burmingham MSM4P4
  15. REPRESENTATION THEORY SIMON WADSLEY University of Cambridge Lent 2012 
  17. Representation theory of reductive p-adic groups Stephen DeBacker  University of Michigan
  18. GEOMETRIC REPRESENTATION THEORY Dennis Gaitsgory Harvard University FALL
  19. Representation Theory and Tensor Categories Yi-Zhii Huang Peking University 2011
  20. Representation Theory of Big Groups and Probability Leonid Petrov 11/15/12
  21. Representation theory Pavel Etingof, Oleg Golberg, Sebastian Hensel, Tiankai Liu,Alex Schwendner, Dmitry Vaintrob, and Elena Yudovina MIT lecture notes February 2, 2011
  22. Representation theory of compact groups and complex reductive groups Joel Kamnitzer March 30, 2011
  23. Lie Groups. Representation Theory and Symmetric Spaces Wolfgang Ziller University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2010 
  24. REPRESENTATION THEORY Francis Murmaghan University of Toronto 2010
  25. Representation theory E. Kowalski ETH Zurich  Spring Semester 2011 Version of September 23, 2011
  26. Representation Theory Lectured by S. Martin, Lent Term 2009
  27. Representations of finite groups and invariant theory Dmitri I. Panyushev INDEPENDENT UNIVERSITY OF MOSCOW  RUSSIA
  28. Quantum groups and geometric representation theory David Jordan University of Texas 2012
  29. Representation theory of finite groups D.M.Jackson University of Chicago October 30, 2004
  30. Representation Theory Nikolay Nikolov Mathematical Institute  University of Oxford  2013
  31. Group Representation Theory 2010 Daniel Bump Stanford University
  32. Representation theory and applications in classical quantum mechanics Lectures for the MRI Spring School ‘Lie groups in Analysis,
  33. Representation Theory of Finite Groups Notes Charlotte Chan University of Michigan
  34. Representation Theory of Symmetric Groups Charlotte Chan University of Michigan Notes taken while a PHD student at Cambridge University 2011
  35. Representation theory of compact groups Michael Ruzhansky and Ville Turunen Aalto University September 8, 2008
  36. Representation theory: Symplectic reflection algebras Fall 2012 IVAN LOSEV University of Arizona
    MATH 7364
  37. Character Theory for Finite Groups and Compact Lie Groups Troels Roussau Johansen Institut für Mathematik Universität Paderborn
  38. Group Representations Timothy Murphy Trinity College Dublin  2008
  39. Finite Group Representations Timothy Murphy Trinity College Dublin
  40. Representation Theory Francis Murnaghan University of Toronto
  41. Representations of finite groups Mikhail Khovanov Columbia University 
  42. Representations of Finite Groups Andrew Baker  School of Mathematics & Statistics University of Glasgow 2011
  43. Groups and Representations Ian Vincent University of Warwick 2009
  44. Representation Theory of Groups Christopher Cooper McQuarrie University 
  45. Groups and Representations Daan Krammer University of Warwick 2012-2013
  46. Finite Group Representations for the Pure Mathematician By Peter Webb
  47. Groups and their Representations Karen E. Smith University of Michigan