Jun 15
  1. Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics,Graph Theory And Game Theory



Combinatorics is an honest subject. No adèles, no sigma-algebras. You count balls in a box, and you either have the right number or you haven't. You get the feeling that the result you have discovered is forever, because it's concrete. Other branches of mathematics are not so clear-cut. Functional analysis of infinite-dimensional spaces is never fully convincing; you don't get a feeling of having done an honest day's work. Don't get the wrong idea – combinatorics is not just putting balls into boxes. Counting finite sets can be a highbrow undertaking, with sophisticated techniques. - Gian-Carlo Rota


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Graph Theory with Applications by J.A. Bondy and U.S.R. Murty (PG) This is the original 1976 first edition of the author's book, which has since been dramatically rewritten and expanded for the second edition, published by Springer Verlag and simply titled Graph Theory. For a long time,this was the textbook of choice for students in various disciplines learning graph theory for the first time due to it's scholarly writing and the balanced combination of theory and many applications. The new edition is geared more toward pure mathematics and many of the results are shunted to the exercises. It's a very good book,but in the revision, a lot of the things people liked about the original was lost. As a result,there's still a substantial demand for the original,despite it being outdated in many ways.

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