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  1. Applied Mathematics



The physicist, in his study of natural phenomena, has two methods of making progress: (1) the method of experiment and observation, and (2) the method of mathematical reasoning. The former is just the collection of selected data; the latter enables one to infer results about experiments that have not been performed. There is no logical reason why the second method should be possible at all, but one has found in practice that it does work and meets with reasonable success.


  • Paul Dirac
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    University of Southern California Course Materials
    Applied Statistics I Eleni Matechou Oxford University MT 2013
  4. Part B Statistical Lifetime Models James Martin Oxford University 2014
  5. Computing with Geometry Notes C.-K. Shene Michigan Technological UniversityComputational Geometry 1 David M. Mount University of Maryland Spring 2010Curves and Surfaces In Geometric Modeling: Theory And Algorithms Jean Gallier  University of Pennsylvania



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