May 15

 The TULOOMATH Table of Contents: Guide To Infinite Possibilities

    Every place on the internet-including TULOOMATH-needs a

guide to the good stuff in the contents because life's too short to

be wandering aimlessly.  Mine is no different-and they're

interlinked to the pages to boot. Follow the red italicized

signposts to where you wish to explore in the vistas of spaces,

graphs and other sets! 

I Mission Statement: Why Study Mathematics and Why TULOOMATH?

   Mathematics has always been the queen of sciences. Now, it may be more important then ever for the common man to know. That's why I built TULOOMATH. Why? Read why.

II  The Creator of TULOOMATH: Meet The Mathemagican 

          The lunatic,aspiring mathematician,cynic,blogger,liberal and all-around-pain-in-the-ass who created this site. Meet him and take a look under the hood.

III The Mathemagican's Library Academic Level Rating System

Read how they're graded by academic level. I'm really proud of this rating system and I hope it makes the site very easy to use!


IV The Mathemagican's Comprehensive Online Mathematics Library

 The beating heart of this website-the largest, most complete and up to date collection of free online mathematics lecture notes and textbooks that currently exists on the internet!


V The TULOOMATH Reading List: The Mathemagician’s
Top  Low- Cost Mathematics Textbooks

My reviews of outstanding recommended low-cost textbooks for sharp self-study students who can barely afford bus fare-from high school to advanced graduate level.  

VI The TULOOMATH Tutoring/Consulting Service For Students:Summon The Mathemagican

 My online tutoring service for students of mathematics and the physical sciences at all levels. Wherever you are and whatever time of day, whatever the subject, I can appear on your computer to help you understand and succeed!   


VII Tables,Chairs And Beermugs-The Mathemagican's  Blog On Life,The Universe and Everything

My blog on anything that's on my mind besides my hat. I'm sorry to say I haven't been as active on it as I was hoping when I relaunched it in late 2015. But I've sworn a blood oath to be much more active at it beginning in Spring 2016. I may have to re-title it at some point,depending on how it goes. 

VIII The First Published Textbook At This Site: Differential Calculus On Normed Spaces by Henri Cartan, 2nd Edition!  

I proudly present here, for

the first time anywhere for nearly 50 years, a new edition of the classic text!

 I A Dedication-Nick Metas



X The Road Goes Ever On: Further Resource Links For TULOOMATH, Blogs And Just Plain Cool Stuff I Like


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