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      Welcome to The Bitching Room: The TULOOMATH Message Board!   Where this message board exists in the pantheon of pieces of this website can best be stated as follows: If the mission statement and blog are the passionate beating heart of TULOOMATH, the lecture notes,textbook reviews, tutoring service and future publishing company are the vast body with it's superhuman muscles propelling this site, this is the soul and voice.     As I've said, the main difference between TULOOMATH and most other academic sites is that I fully intend for it to be an interactive community. Everyone is welcome to express opinions, make jokes, comments, suggestions and insults-the last one particularly about my politics. Feel free to begin topic threads, ask questions, have conversations. I further encourage the message board to interact with website's other social aspects on Facebook and Twitter.   TULOOMATH is a vast,diverse and interconnected conversation-join it,let yourself be heard!          
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