Jul 15

            Brain Droppings on Hump Day 

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? Hello?

Well, it should be,it's my blog.

I know, I know, I promised the second part of the graduate algebra reading list tonight. But I was just too busy and too sick today and it doesn't look like I'll be finishing it before Monday. I hope I can, but sometimes life just blows for no apparent reason.

So I thought I'd share some random thoughts today. Some cognitive diaherria subsequent to the actual one I had today.

My chronic gastrisis is really beginning to piss me off. Seriously. Eating is becoming a serious problem. Sigh. Watching Food Network reminds me of when I was a normal human being. It seems an eternity ago.  

Anyone think the children of animated people in other dimensions watch live action shows on Saturday morning?

I  haven't done a formal curve-fitting regession analysis yet. But I'm becoming very sure there's an inverse relationship between my excitment over the upcoming Justice League movie and the amount of behind-the-scenes information I'm getting about it.

This is leading me to formulate the following testable hypothesis: This is going to be a piece of shit.

Seriously, it just looks like a disaster. If I'm wrong, I'll be happy to apologize. But that's how it looks to me.

And all due respect to Gal Gadot-who's lovely and not a bad actress-but she's never going to convince me she's Wonder Woman. Sorry. Princess Diana can't be built like a teenage boy in drag. 

I'm sorry,that's how Godot is built-like most modern skeletal models-turned-actresses,sadly. Just my personal.


Ar least they had the sense not to cast someone 5'2', so that's something.

I hope she doesn't read this and fill my blog with vitriol. Maybe I'm being unfair and barbarically alpha male here. But it has to do with my personal Platonic Form of feminine pulchritude.

 I'll blog about it in more detail at some point, but basically my Ideal of feminine beauty is a tall, curvaceous Amazon. 

5'10 and above, C to D cup bosom, a tiny waist separating the cleavage from an equally proportioned set of flaring hips and full buttocks atop long legs. In short, an Olympian goddess.

From the neck up-well, you can fill in the blank as you will. There are far more beautiful female profiles then there are physiques that fit that ideal.

And that's why Lynda Carter circa 1976 will always be Wonder Woman to me.



Those reruns of that supremely corny show made a huge impression on me as a child. How much it shaped my adult sexual ideals of women is an interesting question-one best saved for therapy sessions then a blog.

In any event-that's what turns me on and that's what I want the Supreme Superheroine to look like. Superheroes are supposed to be larger then life-and she's no exception.

That last reflection reminded me how long it's been since I went on a real date. Being broke and having sick family you're responsible for is really hard on the social life. I hope I can have one again before Grandmother Death comes for me.

If not-well, at least no man or woman ripped out my soul for kicks like a number of my friends and family had happen to them. I guess that's something.

I miss George Carlin so badly. He passed shortly after my father did-which made the yawning chasm in my life that much colder and deeper. We have so many wonderful comics now-and Bill Maher does his best every week.

But we'll never replace George. Ever. I'll never laugh again like he made me laugh.His genius glows brighter every day and every day, his insights prove more and more correct. If he had lived 3 more years, he would have seen the election of the first black president of the US and the right wing head explosion that's turned us into Tea Party Nation. I can only imagine what diamonds would have emerged from him. 

Then again, he might have ended up in Gitmo saying them given this president's track record with valid criticism. Not the crap from Fox and the other right wing propogandists-the legitimate objections a lot of us have had. 

The 4 am melancholy. Figures it would turn up and haunt my blogging now. Curse you, melancholy-I'm trying to build an audience here!

I liked Ang Lee's The Hulk much better then The Incredible Hulk. Sue me.

I also like Ballers on HBO. But it's nowhere near as good as it's predecessor, Arli$$. 

 I hope Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee by a landslide after he calls President Obama a n***** to a 9 minute standing ovation at the Republican Convention next year-and he loses the election by the largest margin in American history.

Seriously-it would be hilarious.

Of course, the problem with that is America is stupid enough to actually elect him.................

Ok, my bed's calling me. Hopefully, the toliet won't be calling me tomorrow when I wake up.

Sleep well and  if you're Caucasian, may a cop never pull you over for speeding after you've gotten a tan at the beach.

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