Apr 15

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Welcome To The Ultimate

Populist One Stop Online Center For Mathematics Students: 


Universal Lyceum Of Online Mathematics) 

A Free Complete * Online Self Study Library And Advisory Center of Pre-University/ University Level Mathematics Lecture Notes, Inexpensive Textbooks And Other Resources, Textbook Reviews, Student Advice, Affordable Tutoring, Counseling Services, My Blog and Much, Much More!!

*Well, as complete as any location on the ultra-transitory internet can be when it’s being compiled and updated by a single person. More on the planned updating of this website in the prelude to section V.

UPDATE 12/30/2016: The site is currently undergoing a major revision and update that I hope will be completed by the end of January. Included in this update will be the establishment of an online publishing company for new inexpensive mathematics books as well as an updated version of the blog. Stay tuned as this update proceeds! 


Welcome to my site! What is it? I can’t blame you for being somewhat
perplexed. Then again, I’m sure the first people who stumbled upon
either Amazon.com or Google.com back in the Internet Bronze Age were equally perplexed. That can indeed be a good thing for yours
truly-there’s no better advertising then curiosity!

What’s in the website?


Good question. But first, there’s 2 things you have to know.  


Firstly, if you have the patience of a heroin-addicted hummingbird-as most people today do-frankly, you can skip the website altogether and move on.


I respect people’s freedom-you don’t have to stay if you’re too
impatient. Move on to photobombing on Reddit, live tweeting,
downloading illegal movies, music or a freight car full of 75 kinds of
human and nonhuman pornography or any one of ten thousand completely irrelevant actions that form the bulk of the virtual traffic in the early 21st century.  


But if you’ve got a cubic millimeter of patience and are willing to trust
me-particularly if you’re a student, researcher or teacher of the
mathematical sciences, you might find some or many things of use
and/or interest here.


And it’s free. Well, most of it is, anyway.  


If you’re none of the above-you still might find things of
interest and/or amusement at the non-academic parts of the site.


The second thing you need to understand is that the site was created by a crazy person. Honestly. He’s a complete basket case. Ask my friends. 

 Of course, there's a school of thought that says in the valley of the
sane, it's the insane man who's King. ..............

If you’re kind of on the fence about whether or not to give the site a
try, I’ll save you the Herculean effort of clicking the link below to
enter the site by telling you what’s in it.


The website begins with a mission statement, introducing myself and
explaining my intentions and motivations for constructing this
website. This is followed by a nearly complete and up to date online
link library of free-that’s right, FREE-sources of mathematics. These are mathematics lecture notes and free online downloadable textbooks-nearly  5000 of them at last count. They run the gamut of pure and applied mathematics from basic high school algebra and trigonometry through the range of undergraduate mathematics from calculus to linear algebra to plane geometry to differential equations to discrete mathematics to advanced calculus to real analysis to topology and abstract algebra, to graduate level topics such as integration theory, algebraic topology, advanced differential topology and geometry, functional analysis and graduate algebra all the way up to PhD level seminar topics-all organized and rated for relative difficulty level using an ingenious system of my own design.
explain in the mission statement why I undertook this insane task.My sincere hope is that it will become a much used and loved resource among students for many years to come.

I then give my recommended reading list-with reviews-of the best cheap textbooks available for the diligent student or self studier in mathematics, again from high school to graduate level.

My blog then follows, giving my sane commentary on a completely
insane-and quite possibly doomed-world and literally all matters
pertaining to it, both mathematical and non-mathematical. I have a
strongly liberal ethical and political bent, as well as a brusque
style, which will make me decidedly unpopular with the plutocrat lords
of this planet and their mouthpiece vassals in the media.

Whether you approve or disapprove of my blatherings, you’ll have plenty of space to let me know at the site’s message board, The Bitching Room, which follows.

I then offer my online and one on one tutoring services to the audience,
who by then are fully convinced of my intellectual prowess  and teaching skills and clamor for my aid in their studies. My publishing imprint then follows, Green Scholar Books-through which I hope to not only republish many classic out of print textbooks, but to eventually offer original textbooks for mathematics students at all levels as both ebooks and inexpensive paperbacks.  I close out the site by indulging my personal interests with a list of links to other mathematical source sites, blogs I like, links I think are important,  fantasy and science fiction, movie reviews and whatever I’ve decided to share  in the end.




That’s what the site’s all about. Now you know what it’s all about,
what I’m all about and don’t need to click on the link below.


Except for the details, of course.


They follow.


Still curious-I hope? Then click here.